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Maximum Engagement by Roshan 28-29-30 Aug, 7-9 pm

Maximum Engagement Advanced Course

Energize, Educate and Entertain with Roshan


Founder, SpeakIndia

Engagement Trainer

Roshan is a communication coach and corporate trainer. With over 15 years of experience, Roshan has developed his powerful models of designing, and delivering training programs. His heart-before-head approach sets him apart and produces significant breakthroughs. 

Roshan is admired for his interactive and entertaining workshops where he takes his audience on a thrilling journey and delivers amazing results. He has been invited by India's leading organizations, institutions, and schools. 

His book "101 Activities for online sessions" is empowering virtual trainers all over the world. 

Roshan loves to connect and inspire people by demonstrating what he teaches. With Roshan, the learning is enjoyable, memorable, and valuable. 

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You taught us things that every trainer should learn. You were bang on!

- Wg.Cdr.SK Sharma/Corp.trainer/Team Builder

These three days were the most enriching days for improving my training effectiveness, especially in a virtual environment. 

Dhiraj Rana, Trainer, Max Skill First

I was dealing with a lot many challenges about how to engage participants in my online sessions. Your program offered me a lot of help. 

- Rakesh Sule, Trainer, Abbott India

You are amazing Roshan. I am going to recommend this program to everyone in my training network.

- Daisy Varun/L&D Professional/Spoken English Coach

You demonstrated engagement in an engaging manner. 

- Shadma Faiz/Corporate Trainer


I like your unique ideas and entertaining style. So much to learn from the session. 

- Ashima Galhotra/CA/Corporate Trainer


I learnt thigs that I had no idea about. Thank you so much Roshan. 

- Nishant Shukla/Executive Coach

Your session was a great resource like a train-the-trainer. I like the concept and ideas. 

- Chitra Chandrashekhar/Visual Storyteller

Powerful ideas taught in an engaging and simplified manner. Thanks Roshan.

- Anjana Vinod, Corp.Trainer, Mumbai


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