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The mission of Speak India movement is to help participants master the art and science of public speaking in an interactive, supportive and enjoyable atmosphere. 

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A society where spoken words are used to create peace, prosperity and hope for everyone.


To help individuals develop public speaking and leadership skills through an empowering, enriching and entertaining experience contributing to a better INDIA.

OUR values

SpeakINDIA Forum

SpeakINDIA is designed as a socially interactive platform where you develop your communication skills while discovering the best of your leadership strengths. SepakINDIA is a cross-learning community where you will learn by doing and watching fellow members. You will receive unconditional support, respect, and encouragement from fellow members that in turn will enable you to share your thoughts confidently, gracefully and fearlessly. 

Is it a course?                                                                                                     

SpeakINDIA program has a flexible curriculum. Members follow a communication manual that offers guidelines on preparing and delivering speeches. The basic manual contains 10 Speech assignments. You can take from 6 months to one year in completing the basic manual and up to two years in completing the advanced professional speaking manual.

What happens during the forum meets?                                                                                                    

SpeakINDIA forum meets follow a structured agenda. The events are highly interactive and offer plenty of opportunities for participation to members as well as guests. 

First half: Prepared speeches, impromptu session, evaluations, fun games etc. 

Second half: Activities in the second half keep changing and may include items like Book review, movie review, special report, language games, debates, educational sessions on public speaking and guest speakers. 

The meeting concludes with evaluation reports on the overall quality and conduct presented by different role players. 

Who is the trainer at SpeakINDIA?                                                            

SpeakINDIA is a trainer-less community where you learn by doing and watching others. Your performance is evaluated by more experienced members. Your mentors help you maximize your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

Will I receive certificates?                                                                          

Yes, SpeakINDIA recognizes your participation and achievements in the program. Since the program is designed on a competitive format, you get opportunities to  win awards and certificates  in every session. On completion of your basic communication manual, you will receive the Competent Speaker (CS) Certificate. Similarly, on completion of Advanced Communication Manual, you receive the Competent Professional Speaker (CPS) certificate.

What if I am already a good speaker?                                               

Good speakers join SpeakINDIA to sharpen their mentoring, coaching and facilitation skills. Depending on your expertise and involvement in the program, you can be elected as a Director, Communication Coach or an Executive Mentor. Professional speakers can also be considered for Accreditation Program.

Business Promotion opportunities

SpeakINDIA also provides you opportunities for business promotion. You can avail a business promotion slot, sponsor or co-sponsor an event on affordable financial arrangements.

How to join?                                                                                                                                                                              Attend a couple of meetings as a guest. Use opportunities to participate in impromptu speaking round. Interact with other members to know and reap the benefits. Decide for yourself if it's good for you.

Guest charges for attending events: Rs.100/- only

Membership Fee 

Regular: Rs 6000 for six months. Click this link to pay for membership.

School/Undergrad Students: Rs.4800/- for six months. Click this link to pay for membership

Your membership fee entitles you for educational/learning and mentoring opportunities only.

You may also avail the following at affordable prices: 

1. Exclusive programs/training/mentoring sessions.

2. Professional/business promotion slots. 

3. Videos of your speeches. (offered by SpeakIndia studio)

You receive a communication manual that guides you to develop and deliver your speeches. As you progress, you take up various communication and leadership roles. Fellow SpeakINDIANs support you with feedback, appreciation and applause every time you perform a role. 

Venue: YMCA, Gate No.5, 4th floor, Jai Singh Road, Near Gurudwara Bangla Saheb, New Delhi-110001

Days and Timings: Every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday,  2:30 to 5:00 pm.

                                 2nd and  3rd Saturdays are mentoring events while 4th Saturday is a larger public event.

                                 To know more: Call Neelesh Kulkarni @ 9811158916