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Energize, Educate and Entertain with Roshan


Founder, SpeakIndia

Engagement Trainer

Roshan is a communication coach and corporate trainer. With over 15 years of experience, Roshan has developed his powerful models of designing, and delivering training programs. His heart-before-head approach sets him apart and produces significant breakthroughs. 

Roshan is admired for his interactive and entertaining workshops where he takes his audience on a thrilling journey and delivers amazing results. He has been invited by India's leading organizations, institutions, and schools. 

Roshan is the lead trainer for Speak India's Train-the-Trainer programs which are immensely valued by aspiring trainers. 

Roshan loves to connect and inspire people by demonstrating what he teaches. With Roshan, the learning is quick and joyful. 

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He can be reached at

Maximum Engagement by Roshan

Initial reviews

Simple, easy to follow, and implement activities. Really well-drafted. A must-have for every trainer. 

- Anjana Vinod, Corp.Trainer, Mumbai


Un-lockdown creativity. Very helpful in guiding the trainers in this dismal time of the global pandemic. Kudos for that.

- Chitra Chandrashekhar, Visual Storyteller


Absolutely delighted with your content and approach Roshan. The best part is that most of the activities need very little preparation or equipment. 

- Col. Riyaz Khan, Corp.Trainer, Hyderabad

You are amazing Roshan. I am going to recommend this program to everyone in my training network.

- Daisy Varun/L&D Professional/Spoken English Coach

You demonstrated engagement in an engaging manner. 

- Shadma Faiz/Corporate Trainer


I like your unique ideas and entertaining style. So much to learn from the session. 

- Ashima Galhotra/CA/Corporate Trainer


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