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 You don't know how powerful your message can be until you share it!                                     All of us have a powerful thought or an idea; an idea that we believe in, an idea that if communicated well, can inspire millions to achieve excellence in life. You can contribute to building a better society by simply sharing your inspiring message. At SpeakINDIA we take pride in empowering expressions by discovering and promoting thought leaders.

Welcome to INSPIRE:2020

INSPIRE:2020 India's hunt for top 100 Motivational speakers

Contest format & levels

The event has three rounds: 

1. Orientation Round (To help you understand the contest better and answer your queries)

2. Qualifying round: Participants present 2-3 mins long speeches to qualify

Time limit: 2 to 3 mins (300 to 350 words is an ideal word-count) 

3. Final round: Participants get an extended time of 5-6 mins to present their final speeches

Time limit: 5 to 6 mins (600 to 700 words is an ideal word-count) That means you have to speak for a minimum of 5 minutes. 

Who will judge my performance?  

Your performance will be judged by an expert panel of anonymous judges from the field of public speaking and training. 

Your speech will be judged on clarity of purpose, relevance of content, language, rapport with the audience, and the overall delivery skills. In fact, you can ask for the judge's evaluation sheet when you nominate yourself.

Rules & regulations

The jury's decision will be final and binding. 

Avoid content that may hurt the sentiments of any caste, community, or religion.

The organizers will not be responsible in case of any internet connectivity failure.

Coming up soon!


What should I speak on?

What is the best topic for an inspiring speech?                                                                                                                                       You have the freedom to choose your topic. Speak on a topic that is close to your heart, that you believe in, that excites. An inspiring speech inspires an audience to achieve greater goals, pursue excellence, stay resilient, or contribute to a noble cause. Your inspiring speech can motivate people to become better personally, professionally, emotionally, or spiritually. Most of the inspiring speeches include engaging stories and examples that help a speaker connect with their audience while sounding authentic at the same time.

Language: English/Hindi

Instead of searching the internet, think of the interesting experiences you have had and the life lessons you have learnt. 

They are the best material for an inspiring speech. 

Here is a demo speech you can learn more from:

A short demo speech


The contest is conducted in two categories

Junior: 12 to 18 years

PRO: 18 plus

Rewards and recognition

  • The winner will receive an elegant certificate and a glittering trophy. 
  • The winner's video will be uploaded on SpeakIndia YouTube channel.
  • All the participants will receive a certificate of participation. (e-certificate)

Suggestions & precautions: 

- Give your speech a title and let the coordinator know your speech title. 

- Write your speech. Edit your speech. Practice your speech. Practice with timings. 

- Check your equipment like phone, lighting, microphone, wifi etc. It's advisable that you do a few rehearsals on zoom with a friend before the event. 

- If you decide to speak while standing, make sure that you are not too far from the camera. Keep your camera focused waist above to let others see your delivery clearly. Follow extra precautions as you might trip and tangle with your gadgets and their wires. 

- Be mindful of switching your audio and video controls on zoom before you begin. 

- You will be invited by your name and speech title. 
- You don't need to mention your speech title when you start speaking. Jump straight into your speech and start with a bang. 

- If you have any other questions, please ask any questions during the Orientation session. 

All the best!