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Inspire 2018: Annual Event

INSPIRE 2018: Semi finals

Our 42nd Public Speaking Event



8th Oct. Sunday

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Our annual event #INSPIRE_2017 witnessed amazing energy and quality public speaking performances. Six dynamic speakers charmed a houseful of 200 guests. Team RED left no stone unturned in organizing and backstage work. Bharatnatayam by #Sashreek_Ambardar was spectacular so was the contemporary dance performance by #Delhi_dance_Academy. Our keynote speaker #Anurag_Batra offered nuggets of wisdom while entertaining the audience. 
Deep Shikha presented an interesting Impromptu session involving 6 guest speakers. Our MC Aakanksha Kulkarni Panigrahi hosted the entire ceremony with grace and elegance.Once again #Mayank_Sharma managed the timings meticulously.The judges led by #Dr_Manan_Chaturvedi put their best of the brains to get us the winners- Sandeep Goswami (3rd place), Author Arun Prabhu-Aradhya(2nd place) and Rajiv Rana (the winner).
#kudos to all who made this event a grand success.

Previous events

Highlights from our 21st Event held on 11th Feb'2017

What can be better than an event where everyone gets an opportunity to participate. At our 21st Public Speaking Event, SpeakINDIA forum witnessed amazing energy generated by exciting speeches, evaluations, storytelling, and a houseful audience. Our charming Master of Ceremony Arun Prabhu set the stage with a personal story,  weaving humor and interesting compliments for the role players. Our Master Coach Neelesh Kulkarni dazzled us with her storytelling mastery. Prepared speakers Sangi Natarajan, Murlidhar and Surbhi Jain delivered well crafted introductory speeches. Atul, Sameer, Inshira and Rajesh presented short stories. The learning curve soared to great heights with Dr.Punita Singh evaluating Neelesh's speech and Bhawna presenting an enriching Language analysis.                                               Our Guest of Honor Monis Shamsi won everyone's heart by sharing his humble stories and making a difference. 
Supported by Timer: Shahnawaz                                                                                                                                                                       Sound recorder: Arjun
Logistics: Murlidhar, Mayank, Ankit Nasa and Arjun
Photo credits: Resham Suhail

Highlights from previous events

Ashish Kapoor won the best prepared speaker award


Rajiv Rana clinched the best speaker award in impromptu round 


Suman Khanna, a Gandhian scholar showed us how non-violence can be adopted in a practical and methodical manner.