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Dealing with difficult customers

Dealing with difficult customers is not easy. As online customer traffic increases, customer care executives faces unprecedented challenges in terms of satisfying customers. Customer First empowers your customer care agents to stay in control while offering world-class customer care. Customer First addresses: 

- Handling irate customers complaining about delays. 

- Handling difficult customers venting, wanting or warning. 

- Creating customer delight and taking your NPS higher. 



C2C helps participants know their and other 15 communication styles. Once you understand the strengths, flaws, preferences and predictable patterns of these styles you can adapt to communicate more effectively leading to collaborative work culture, synergy, trust, decision making and better performance.



Why strategies fail? .........................................Because the core execution is flawed!                                                    The Execution Edge aims at developing an execution culture. Designed around 4 Pillars of execution – Clarity, Simplicity, Accountability and Measurability, the program offers powerful tools that the participants can put to use to ensure maximum productivity.


Modern managers find it difficult to influence and inspire people. They have to work too hard to get results form them. While tasked with balancing people, processes and performances, today’s managers  seem clueless about how to lead teams and organizations effectively. They will gain supreme confidence to do just that  – Lead from the Front.

CHOOLO AASMAN (छूलो आसमान ) In Hindi

An energizing workshop for 21st century workers that covers:                                                                                       

  • Commitment to work
  • Consistent improvement
  • Workplace discipline and hygiene
  • 7 Rules of teamwork                                                                                                                                                                     

Speak India programs are designed around our core training philosophy that "people learn best in a supportive and enjoyable atmosphere".

Each program is highly interactive, experiential and objective in terms of achieving the training goals. The relevance of content is ensured through a careful selection of ideas, contextual examples, case studies, role plays and simulations. The participants gets to experience different stages of learning through various activities involving individual and group participation. These activities also help participants develop their social and leadership skills. 

Each of the program is supported by a workbook which includes creative exercises, reflective assessments, questionnaires and much more. The workbook not only covers the program contents but also provide a rich resource and handy references to participants even after the program.

SpeakIndia programs always receive 90% plus feedback ratings. 

POWER TO PRESENT One day workshop on effective presentation skills

POWER TO PERSUADE One day workshop on winning persuasion strategies

SPEAK LIKE A LEADER Two days workshop on high impact communication skills for business leaders

CRUCIAL COMMUNICATION One day workshop on communicating during critical moments

COMMUNICATE TO COLLABORATE Workshop on workplace synergy through collaborative communication

SELL TO EXCEL Two days workshop on persuasive communication in sales

ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION One day workshop on developing self confidence with assertive communication skills

FROM FEEDBACK TO FEED-FORWARD Workshop on the art of giving feedback and performance appraisals

ENGLISH COMMUNICATION PROGRAMS: Multi-sessions programs to meet varying communication needs

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced