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Get the glory you deserve!

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At Speak India we promise you real change in the way you think, feel and look. The learning is fast and fun! 


Speak India programs are designed to help members achieve their personal and professional communication goals in an objective and satisfying way. The programs offer applicable lessons participants can use in social as well as business scenarios. Participants are encouraged to share their needs, fears, and perceptions in order to maximize the benefits from the training. Each program is supported with a comprehensive how-to manual that keeps helping the participants after the program. Participants can also join Speak India Forum, support groups on Facebook and Whatsapp to continue raising their learning standards.  

POWER TO PRESENT One day workshop on effective presentation skills

POWER TO PERSUADE One day workshop on winning persuasion strategies

SPEAK LIKE A LEADER Two days workshop on high impact communication skills for business leaders

CRUCIAL COMMUNICATION One day workshop on communicating during critical moments

COMMUNICATE TO COLLABORATE Workshop on workplace synergy through collaborative communication

SELL TO EXCEL Two days workshop on persuasive communication in sales

ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION One day workshop on developing self confidence with assertive communication skills

FROM FEEDBACK TO FEED-FORWARD Workshop on the art of giving feedback and performance appraisals

ENGLISH COMMUNICATION PROGRAMS: Multi-sessions programs to meet varying communication needs

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced



Have you ever thought how successful people get the desired results easily and  consistently?

Positive attitude, leadership, clarity of purpose, emotional intelligence, mind power, talent, passion etc. etc. Your answer may include any or many of the above. But there is one quality that keeps them ahead in the game. It’s their ability to get a “YES” from others. People trust them easily and accept their ideas, suggestions, products and services with a smile. It seems as if these persuaders follow some unwritten but powerful rules that get them the desired results every time.


The highly sought after skill POWER TO PERSUADE is available to you now!


Power to Persuade is designed around 7 high impact principles of strategic communication.

These strategies are easy to understand and practice in real life. After learning these powerful principles you can instantly start applying them in real life and get what you deserve! 


Power to Persuade is the bridge between you and your success.

Together we can build this bridge!


This is what POWER TO PERSUADE program offers you to get ahead in the game: 

  • Persuade people effectively and boost your sales and income.
  • Convince your clients, seniors, subordinates, teams and employees to your way of thinking.
  • Look confident and appear irresistible to the opposite sex. 
  • Conquer difficult people and protect yourself from manipulations.
  • 7 Strategies to handle objections in sales and business promotion scenarios. 
  • Turn a NO into a YES with ease and elegance. 
  • Write effective emails to get the desired response.
  • Motivate your team members to do a fantastic job.
  • Wow any interviewer and secure your dream job. 
  • Stay in charge and predict the outcome of every interaction. 
  • Invite and enjoy the success you deserve! 

Power to Persuade workshop is based on the groundbreaking research in the science and psychology of persuasion.          Participants are introduced to 7 powerful principles of persuasion.                                                                                           Each principle is discussed in detail, explained and elaborated with real life and business examples.                                      Participants are encouraged to share their persuasion challenges and guided to incorporate these communication strategies in their persuasion attempts.                                                                                                                                   Each participant receives a P2P Manual. P2P Manual is a rich source of life long learning. It acts as a ready reference guide for participants and helps them craft their responses in future persuasion scenarios.                                                      After attending the workshop, participants can also join advanced P2P programs.