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Professional speakers work hard to deliver their programs but very few of them are recognized in the market due to lack of their brand visibility. Your prospective clients want to see your videos before they consider you for a speaking or training assignment. Speakers who have their promotional videos on Youtube are preferred and paid well. Getting a video produced in a professional studio is an expensive affair and an exhausting work. This is where SpeakINDIA Studio helps speakers and trainers. 

SpeakIndia Studio offers premium production services to aspiring speakers who aspire to create a brand for themselves and their programs without worrying much about the budget. 

SpeakINDIA production services are a unique combination of live speaking opportunities and video production that speakers can use to build their profiles. 

Open Round/Short speeches: 

Members                                                                                                                                                   INR 500/-

Non-members                                                                                                                                           INR 1000/-

Speeches that members present as part of SpeakINDIA communication course                                    INR 1000/-

Non-members/Guests/Sponsored speeches                                                                                            INR 2000/-

Signature Speeches: 

Members can request special speech slots for presenting promotional speeches for their 

branding and promotional purpose                                                                                                           INR 6000/-

Composite videos: 

Professional videos that merge live videos with solo studio bytes of the speaker                                    INR 12000/-

Signature Pro

Professional video with premium stage arrangements including customized standee displays,               

solo bytes, and testimonials                                                                                                                       INR 25000/-

Taxes and web services extra.

All videos carry mutually shared copyright with SpeakINDIA

Complete details will soon be available on (Launching April'2017)